A Road Map To Sexual Satisfaction While In A Long Distance Relationship

How to satisfy your sexual urges while maintaining fidelity in the relationship

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Surprise them

I often enjoy sending a picture where I feel sexy or a video I know will make him climax at sporadic times of the day just to see how he will respond. I picture the moment he gets the text in the middle of a work meeting or over lunch with a friend and immediately gets a hard-on he can’t shake. The idea of restricting that sexual release until it’s an appropriate time can be a major turn-on.

Invest in a good sex toy

Sex toys are severely underrated and many women and men are denying themselves the ultimate satisfaction for no other reason than their unfamiliarity with the right toy’s ‘game-changing’ abilities. I once had a friend who shared with me that since her separation, she has yet to orgasm and it had been years. I figured she meant she hadn’t had an orgasm from sex since then until she corrected me and shared she hadn’t come at all in years.

Get to know yourself (and your parts)

Many of us don’t realize the importance of knowing our bodies and wait until desperate times to do so, but it doesn’t have to just be when you’re single and lonely that you take the time to explore ‘down there.’ Consider the benefits in the bedroom if you were to know your body better than anyone else and rather than letting your partner figure it out, you’ve already done the research for them.

Keep the lines of communication open

I have no clue how relationships achieve a successful sex life if they cannot first talk about it. I love to hear the things my partner wants from me — even insists on. I want to hear about the things my partner craves from me and the thoughts he can’t get out of his head as it relates to our sex life. If you are struggling to work through the distance, the first person you should notify is your partner and then allow creativity to help work the situation out.

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